VersusXIII Update

Rumour suggest FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII to be renamed and release in 2014 for Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 4.

Not only that, but also the development for FINAL FANTASY XV and FINAL FANTASY XVI are on the way. Accourding to “neoGAF” user; “verendus” who is willing to put his account on the line. Saying that he would delete his account if rumour proves to be false.

Square Enix refuse to comment on the rumor.


VersusXIII Update

Square Enix to show a new character and more in-game footage from FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII early next year.

Square Enix will be holding a conference from January 15 to 17, where It is rumored that the company will be showing a new character along with a new in-game video for FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII, according to the translations made by Square Enix World’s “The Silent Chief”.

Versus XIII Update

In a recent interview by ffdream during the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary Event held in London recently, the technology director from Square-Enix; Julien Merceron, gives some info relating to Agni’s Philosophy, Lightning Returns FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII.

Here’s what he said:

Agni’s Philosophy: “Well, around June next year, there will indeed be something different around Agni’s Philosophy, which will perhaps be presented on platforms that are different from the ones being used so far. I can’t tell you more, I can only say that it’s not going to be only on PC.”

Lightning Returns FINAL FANTASY XIII: “The technology being used to develop the game, it shares a few things in common with Final Fantasy Versus XIII, although the game itself is meant to be rather different, although it will use certain elements of Final Fantasy XIII’s design and gameplay.”

He also adds that development on Lightning Returns is at a rather advanced stage, and Square Enix are using focus tests to identify the direction of the project, as it will be a unique episode in the Final Fantasy XIII world.

FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII: “The level of ambition for the game is very complex. “However, Yoichi Wada is pushing this team and project as far as possible,” Merceron says, adding that fans will be happy to have waited once more information on the game is announced.”

Here’s the interview video by ffdream taken during the event:

Yoshitaka Amano comments about his work on VersusXIII

Kotaku recently had an interview with artist Yoshitaka Amano who is famous for his works on the FINAL FANTASY series’ logos and some of the series’ promotional art. When asked about his work in FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII, he replied;

“I don’t remember much about that anymore. You know, when you work on one specific project, a lot of time passes from when you first start talking about it to when you’re done… As Final Fantasy goes on, I’ve just done so much that I’m not—you know, it could’ve been five years that I’d worked on that project and I only did it every 13 days or something like that.”

VersusXIII’s epic orchestral theme

If you ever wanted to listen to the orchestral theme music playing in the background of the extended version trailer  and game play trailer of FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII without the other sound effects interrupting.. Check out this YouTube music video. Although its a cover of the original orchestral theme, it sounds just about right. Enjoy.

Versus XIII in progress…

According to a latest interview with Tetsuya Nomura about KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 REMIX, the character designer/ director gives a little update on the highly enticipated FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII. Tetsuya Nomura mentions that his work on designing costumes for Lightning and Snow for the upcoming 2013 game; LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY XIII is completed. And the development of FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII is progressing. He also said to wait for a followup report.

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